Advanced Python for the Lab

Expand your toolbox and develop better software

Once you already know the basics about communicating with your devices and building GUI's you will want to reach new levels

This course is aimed at groups of people working together. No individual projects, each participant will focus on a different task and everything will come up together at the end. 

Because of the nature of the course, it is available only for groups of up to 5 people who are willing to work as a team. 


Advanced Python for the Lab has a flexible syllabus, depending on the interests of the participants. However, we have developed what we believe is a good balance between the different components of a complex computer program. 

Sophisticated experiments need a complex array of technologies in order to be successful. During the three days of this course, we are going to cover several of those topics. 

Sophisticated devices such as cameras and high-resolution acquisition cards need to be handled in a different way than message based devices. Learn how to interact with National Instruments DAQ cards, how to acquire images from a camera and communicate through a network. Don't be limited to devices that connect directly to the same computer. 

During the course, you will increase the toolbox of resources you have for making better Python code, learn how to build meaningful documentation and deploy it on Read The Docs. Learn how to debug and optimize your code. Best practices are at hand. Build graphical interfaces that have a better design and a more fluid interaction with the user.

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Advanced Python for the Lab is currently offered only on request. The nature of the course doesn't make it possible to have heterogeneous groups. 

If you are interested in the course but can't gather a group of 5 people contact us through the form below and we will see what we can work out together.

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