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Your Science Matters

From experimental design to data analysis

By giving researchers tools based on open source technologies, we empower them to become part of a big community. We also give them the tools to explore and improve upon.


At Uetke we are committed at deploying common sets of standards to make communication and collaboration amongst different labs easier. Finding solutions to common problems should be matter of minutes, not weeks.

Python powered projects for quick development, easy documentation and fast improvement.
Qt powers millions of devices around the world; from mobile to desktop. This makes Qt a future-proof technology

Scientific software

We develop software for controlling your setup. Ever wonder how to increase your throughput and ensure reproducibility? We build software that does exactly what you need.

Experiment design

If you are planning new experiments, we can help you. From design to building of a new experiment we can be by your side. Ever wondered what microscopy technique is best for your problem?

Data analysis

Proper data analysis of your results can change the profile of your research. Feature extraction from complex images or large datasets. Improve your statistics with already available data and present it with amazing plots.

Is it worth for companies to switch to Python?

It is a very fair question that has popped up several times while explaining what Uetke is trying to achieve. Is it worth switching to Python when most instrumentation is done with LabView? To address this question, there are several things to consider, such as who is...

Learn how to control your experiment with Python

The courses provided by Uetke will teach you how to control your experiment using Python. They are mostly aimed at PhD’s and Postdocs of any background, but if you are a company either using or trying to switch to Python, we will be very excited to hear from you. If your lab or institute is interested in offering these courses, don’t hesitate to contact us. On top of everything, we can build a custom solution for your institution; if you want a special training, discuss it with us and we will deliver a course that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

High speed camera acquisition and particle tracking

At Uetke we have developed a Python-based GUI that is able to display a live stream from a camera. Moreover it is capable to save to disk while the acquisition is happening, allowing frame rates in the order of kilohertz while not overflowing the graphics card. Metadata is automatically saved in each file to allow reproduction of experiments and traceability. Some extra perks include the possibility to track particles in vivo, effectively compressing the data saved to disk, a waterfall widget that plots a 2-D representation of the data and many other options.

Setting up a Python development environment on Windows

People may argue that developing software with a Linux machine is much simpler than with a Windows PC. However people working in labs is very well aware that many drivers and crucial software is available only for Windows. Therefore setting up a proper working...

Using two different ssh keys for Github repositories

I have two different users at Github, one is my personal account and the other is the Uetke account. In my personal account I do sometimes play with repositories that nothing have to do with my work and therefore I like keeping things separated. However ssh keys can be used in one account at a time; fortunately the solution is easier than what I would have imaged.

Controlling an optical Tweezer

Optical tweezers are becoming an ubiquitous tool in many research labs. Optical tweezers, sometimes also referred to as optical traps, are based on a tightly focused laser that is able to exert force on small objects such as metallic nanoparticles or dielectrics. In...

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