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From experimental design to data analysis

Experiment Design
Experiment Design

Ever wondered which microscopy technique you should apply to obtain the best results? If you are setting a new experiment in the laboratory, we can assist you with the design, building and more.

Computer Code
Scientific Software

We develop software to perform a variety of tasks, from controlling devices over the network to recording cameras with high frame rates. Our software will increase throughput and ensure reproducibility of your experiments.

Data Analysis
Data Analysis

An adequate analysis of your data can change your research. We develop programs to analyze large datasets, and routines to extract features of complex images. Present your results with amazing plots.

Data Analysis

Do you struggle with the software of your setup? We offer a variety of courses specially designed for researchers that work in a lab. Learn how to control your experiment, build user interfaces and more.


A complete offer to improve your skills

Advanced Python for the Lab

Build an entire package; develop with users in mind and learn how to deploy. Focus into advanced instruments, cameras and National Instruments DAQ.

Python for the Lab

Learn everything you need to start controlling devices from your computer. Automatize tasks, improve your statistics and build user interfaces.

Working with Git

Git is a core resource for working in laboratories. Keep track of your documents and your software. Learn how to document your Python projects.


Latest developments we have worked on

Network Control

Control devices through the network in an easy and customizable way. Don't need to depend on one computer

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Optical tweezers
Optical Tweezers

Quickly visualize data from an optical trap. It allows fast acquisition and customizable control.

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Camera Acquisition Screenshot
Camera Acquisition

Real-time tracking and flexible platform for camera acquisition. Achieve frame rates in the range of the kHz.

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Read The Docs Screenshot

All our projects are shiped with beautiful documentation for you to keep developing and customizing

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Python Works Everywhere

We use Python as our core development language. The software we develop runs in Linux, Windows or Mac PC. We use the same technology that supports desktop and mobile apps to achieve fast refresh rates, and great visualization. Our code always contains examples to help you understand it and expand your toolbox.

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