How to Control a Device Through the Network

In the lab, it is common to find different computers connected to specific devices. For example,when you keep older PCs which are able to communicate with very specific hardware. You may also have different computers when there are mobile instruments that you share among different users. In these situations …

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Uetke's website is on Github

At Uetke we seek to build simple, clear, modular and extensible codes that can be easily maintained and repurposed by developers other than their creators. Therefore we decided to make all the under-the-hood code freely available for others to read, learn, and improve. The code is hosted on Github in …

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How to Write a Driver with Lantz

Lantz is a package written by several researchers who wanted to have a framework to build instrumentation on Python. It is open source and hosted on Github. Their description is very clear:

Lantz is an automation and instrumentation toolkit with a clean, well-designed and consistent interface. It provides a core …

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New Courses of Git for Scientists

We are launching the course Git for Scientists aimed at researchers from different backgrounds and career stages. In the course, you will learn how to work with git, one of the best version control system of all times, and its different web implementations such as BitBucket, GitHub, and GitLab.

Git …

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Controlling a National Instruments Card with Python

One of the most common devices in a lab is a National Instruments acquisition card, also called a DAQ. As you probably know by now, the default programming environment for such cards is Lab View, but what you may not be aware is that there are libraries for interfacing with …

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The Importance of Doing a Backup

The ransomware attacks that occurred some months ago triggered a wave of people concerned about backups, finally! Ransomware attacks encrypted entire hard drives and the only way of recovering the data was by paying money to the hackers. This kind of attack is simply bypassed by a good back up …

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Should Labs Move to Open Source?

We can agree that researchers exchange published papers as a currency, and its value is the number of citations each has. Accessing conferences, faculty positions and grants is to a great extent achieved on the basis of researchers' success history. However, publishing software is not counted towards a scientist's productivity …

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