Learning From Mistakes

A child project of Uetke is Python For The Lab, a website where you can find articles about Python programming and a Forum to evacuate your doubts. We had also included a newsletter sign-up form, similar to the one you find here on the right or at the bottom of …

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Uetke is Cookie-Free

It is a rough time for privacy online. Every user who is browsing websites is generating loads of data that ends up in the hands of few and very powerful global players. For example, Facebook convinced webmasters to place a tiny pixel in their websites in order to monitor which …

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How to use HDF5 files in Python

When dealing with large amounts of data, either experimental or simulated, saving it to several text files is not very efficient. Sometimes you need to access a very specific subset of data and you want to do it fast. In these situations, the HDF5 format solves both issues thanks to …

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Agile Development for Science

Managing research projects and teams can benefit from the methodologies and processes developed in other fields of management. In recent decades, software development became a major industry that needed to establish its own set of rules and procedures. People working in the software industry and young scientists such as Ph …

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How to Use Decorators to Validate Input

Python is rich in resources that can shorten the time it takes to develop new programs and simplify repetitive tasks. Decorators are one of such elements but more often than not they are not considered by less experienced developers. Adding decorators to the syntactic toolbox can be of great use …

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How to Encrypt an External Drive on Linux

External drives are a great complement to laptops with a limited amount of memory. The data you generate in the lab may not fit on the SSD drive of your ultrabook, or you want to keep access to older information. Not only scientific data takes a lot of space, also …

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The MVC Pattern for Lab Projects

When you develop applications for the lab, probably you want to be able to re-use parts of the code and allow other scientists to build on your work. This problem has been discussed at length around other applications, such as building web services. And in a certain way, developing a …

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