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The aim of the courses is to show that anybody can build software for the lab. Our intensive 3-day courses cover from the basics of working with Python to distributing packages with built-in documentation. 

Developing control software for labs with Python is becoming ubiquitous in all major research institutes around the world. Learn from real-world examples, with real devices and measurements.

Discounts for Groups: If you are group of 5 or more people we can provide the course at your location. Are you part of an academic organization (research institutes, universities, etc.), then we offer discounts for the courses. If you want to learn more, drop us a line:

Anywhere in Europe

Python for The Lab courses can be organized anywhere in Europe. If you are a group of at least 5 people who want to follow any of the 3-day workshops, contact us.

We offer special packages for institutions willing to organize workshops for larger groups or that want to combine more than one of the trainings. Contact us at to receive further information.

Our Courses

Our courses are ideal for young Ph.D. candidates and postdocs who want to gain control of their own experiments. 

The courses are aimed at participants who are comfortable analyzing data with Python or Matlab. If you already know how to open and read files, how to iterate over an array and write an if-statement, then you are ready to join. The course is hands-on from the first moment; you will receive a real device on the first day and by the end of the third day you will have an amazing user interface for interacting with it. While the course progresses you can keep the device to practice at home or in the office.

Important: You should bring your own laptop to the course.
We offer different courses

We have developed three different courses to cover different needs. Python For The Lab is the basic course for people who already know some programming and want to go one step forward in controlling their setups. Advanced Python for the Lab is aimed at all those who already control their experiments and want to improve specific skills, such as working with high frame rate cameras, special DAQ cards, etc. Git for Scientists covers all the steps to start building successful open science projects: from documenting projects to releasing to the public.

Advanced Python for the Lab

€850 1

3 days

Group of 5 people


Advanced topics

Complex devices

Introduction Python for the Lab

€650 1, 2

3 days

Group of 7 people

Copy of the book

Real Device

Build a GUI

Git for Scientists

€400 1

2 days

Up to 10 people

Best practices



1: Prices per person, not including taxes.

2: Includes a copy of the book: Python for the Lab.

Our Location

Our courses are given at Meet Berlage, a beautiful venue just 5 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station.

Do you prefer a course at your own institute? Drop us a line at or through the form below.

Our courses

Discover new tools

From packages to software and libraries. Discover new tools to become more efficient. 

Customized contents

We can develop courses around your own needs. From specific devices to applications.


Join a growing community. Learn how to ask for help and where to look for answers.

Batteries included

Our manuals cover much more than the topics in the class, for you to keep learning on your own.

Design Patterns

Learn how to design the structure of your code for making it reusable and extendable

User Interfaces

Don't think that everything in the lab is black and white. Learn how to build user interfaces.

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