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Aquiles Carattino
Scientific Software Developer
Ph.D. in Experimental Physics, Leiden University

My name is Aquiles Carattino, I am a software developer for research laboratories. While doing my Ph.D. at Leiden University under the supervision of Prof. Michel Orrit, I've come to realize the impact that better software could have on my own experiments. Most of the results of my thesis were achieved thanks to having the proper equipment and, more importantly, adequate data acquisition programs.

After my Ph.D., I started Uetke in order to provide software solutions for research laboratories. In the process, I found out that most of the users of my own programs were lacking the basic tools to develop new programs based on the software that I was delivering.

In order to fill the knowledge gap, I have built a series of courses around my own experience, both as a Ph.D. candidate and as a software developer. The courses are aimed at empowering young researchers with tools that can have a lasting impact on their careers.

You can find more about myself on: LinkedIn, Github, My Blog, Google Scholar.

Camila Correa
Postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University
Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics, The University of Melbourne

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Leiden University in the Netherlands. I focus in theoretical astrophysics, I analyse large numerical simulations to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies. I did my PhD at the University of Melbourne in Australia. For my PhD I explored the physics that drives the universal accretion history of dark matter halos, using cosmological simulations as well as analytical calculations. You can see my latest publications here.

I have joined Uetke as a scientist consultant. My efforts reside in teaching young researchers the importance of appropiate code development while working on their own research, or forming part of a large scientific collaboration.

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